Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bored online? Have you checked your email five times while reading this headline? Find religious debates online!

Who loves reading the comments posted on movie reviews, opinion articles, or YouTube videos online? Do you love reading pedantic arguments that try to find that perfect balance of intelligent argumentation and 'Yo Moma's SO FAT-style' disses? Are your friends tired of you going on lengthy drunken diatribes about what the real purpose of life is, and what's wrong with religion, and what you REALLY think about God?

What's that? You answer 'Yes' to all three of those?

WELP, this New York Times Article "God and Man on YouTube" points out several religious video superhits that have elicited mountains of debate in the form of comments. There is also is apparently a website called GodTube (broadcast him).

OMG, I just very briefly glanced at the GodTube page for the first time, and the first video on there is talking about the "Golden Compass" movie and is asking if it promotes atheist to kids!

Ok, I gotta go join the fun!!!!!

See you on the message boards!

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Shannon said...

haha, i don't like getting into comment wars so much as just read the existing comments and giggle at snarky strangers. like earlier today i was reading this healthy living tip website thing about how if you want to enjoy tea without all the harmful caffeine, you can just steep it for 30 seconds and then toss that water and re-steep (most of the caffeine comes out in the first 30 seconds). anyway some guy posted a comment that was like "wow this is a really helpful tip. i'm going to use it to make some double-caffeinated tea right now"