Sunday, November 4, 2007

"The Golden Compass" Debated on Fox News

The priest gets the last word, out of respect, because anyone who doesn't believe in Judeo-Christian concepts deserves less respect obviously.

So much to say . . .


Shannon said...

haha, do you recognize the woman representing atheists in this vid? it's the chick from the podcast i tried to get you to listen to. the chick you hate.

Derekh said...

Yeah, I remember this 'Freedom from Religion Foundation' organization. My favorite part of this video by far is when the moderator, at about point 3:17 into the video, says 'Now Miss Gaylor, you said this, don't deny it.' DON'T DENY IT!

Also this priest guy needs to not have soda right before bedtime. He gets hyper!

Shannon said...

i think my favorite part is at the end when the moderator ("moderator") says "i do respect your views, miss gaylor"...45 seconds after he said that her statement was "ridiculous and stupid"

also the priest is kinda hot. kinda. in that priestly way. in that "i would sleep with him just to corrupt his soul" way.

Anonymous said...

i literally almost punched my monitor. i had the fist ready to go and everything


Anonymous said...

they have god tube?!!!?

first youtube
then pornotube
now god tube.

naturally evolution of the internet.

step one : make a cool technology
Step two: make it do porn
step three: reclaim it for god.


Jessicas Lost Thoughts said...

I dont think I have ever seen a news caster condem a guest & then in the same interview say"I respect your views". What place does a reporter get to voice their opinion? Oh FOX news thats right.