Friday, December 14, 2007

Get it?! Fruit Flies??! Ohhh!

Here we have it: the perfect illustration of the scary implications of the disconnect between science and the public.

Scientists have figured out how to turn homosexuality (or, you could say, heterosexuality) "on" and "off" in fruit flies by giving them a drug that changes the way their brains register pheromones.

“It was amazing,” Dr. Featherstone said. “I never thought we’d be able to do that sort of thing, because sexual orientation is supposed to be hard-wired.”

Uh, did you hear that? Scientists are so convinced of the fact that sexual orientation is hard-wired that they are now amazed to have stumbled across the possibility of altering it. Meanwhile, something like 40% of the American population is still convinced that homosexuality is a choice.

Not that a fruit fly brain is the same as a human brain or anything, but make no mistake: this is Big News. Dr. Featherstone then went on to say that he thinks that it's theoretically possible to develop a drug that will let people choose their sexual orientations. He then goes on to drop some Dr. Ian Malcolm wisdom, suggesting that the important question is not "can we," but "should we."

So wait! We are in for a real treat! Science says that homosexuality is not a choice now, but it MIGHT ACTUALLY BECOME A FUCKING CHOICE in the future. And when it does, that 40% that we're so blessed to share our country with will have completely missed that pretty important step in the middle and will, I can only expect, begin demanding the right to make the choice for us. Mandatory de-programming! How will they justify this logically, I wonder? Oh wait, silly me.

God, I can't wait to be gay.

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