Monday, December 3, 2007

My better life would include dinosaurs

This 16 year old kid in North Dakota found this mummified dinosaur with like tons of tissue intact. That's it. My childhood memories are all ruined, forever tinged with the bitter glow of not having found a mummified dinosaur.

The cool part about finding a mummified dinosaur as opposed to just a fossilized one is that scientists can calculate muscle mass and density. Also they found that the vertebrae were further apart than previously assumed--there's some kind of spacer tissue in between them. They figured out that this dinosaur (and perhaps a lot of other dinosaurs) are quite a bit bigger than we thought. That means our estimation of their running speeds changes, which starts to change the way we think about predator/prey dynamics. I kind of wish I was a paleontologist or other kind of Dinosaur Scientist. It's like you make one new discovery and the whole world changes. Think of all the imagining they get to do.

Also, this month's National Geographic has a whole thing on dinosaurs. There's a free poster and it's awesome. Sometimes I fantasize about decorating my entire apartment with dinosaur posters. To shit with having nice fancy grownup things.

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