Thursday, December 13, 2007

Who speaks for Earth?

Here is an article in Seed Magazine that reveals a debate about the implications of seeking contact with extraterrestrial life. This Russian scientist is sending out messages into outer space, and some other people are like "Excuse me, sir, but who are you to make this decision for the entire Earth? The aliens you seek could be total douchebags."

This debate just boggles my mind. I start thinking about trying to get the entire world to agree on something, and it's like something short-circuits in my brain and I'm upended by a barrage of frenetic thoughts:

We can't get a global energy policy together
We can't get global human rights principles enforced
We can't stop thousands of children from starving to death every day
We can't even get everyone in our country, let alone the entire world, to read the fucking constitution
We can't get people to stop buying poisonous sweatshop toys for their spoiled brat kids for christmas

But YES, let's align ourselves around whether or not to contact aliens.

I am not trying to be critical of the debate, because I think that the points are all valid. But I just cannot CANNOT give a shit. I can't make my brain do it. I can't worry about being attacked by aliens when the entire world is already being conquered by the Big Mac. PLEASE, RUSSIAN GUY. CALL THE FUCKING ALIENS. I don't think they could do anything worse to us than what we're doing to ourselves.

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